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1 February 2015
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Llanllyr to Strata Florida

A waymarked path goes north of Llanllyr to bypass Tal-sarn. Rejoin the side roads to walk to Llanddewi-brefi, site of St David’s most famous miracle. Unable to make himself heard at a public meeting, he made a hill rise up under his feet. (A diversion will take you to Llangeitho, home of the great Methodist preacher Daniel Rowlands.

Walk east into the hills (look out for red kites) and down to Tregaron, birthplace of the pacifist Henry Richards. Walk up the Caron valley and over the moors to join the Cambrian Way. This follows the monks’ route from their grange at Ystrad-ffin, down through the woods to Strata Florida.

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The Monks’ Way to Strata Florida: photo Richard Robinson Mountain ponies on the moors above Tregaron | Home | Back |
Llanllyr to Strata Florida Llanllyr to Strata Florida
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