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31 January 2015
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This was the site of one of St David's most famous miracles. At a church meeting held near the Roman fort of Bremia to discuss the Pelagian heresy (the instinctive but theologically problematic idea that we can achieve salvation by being good), David was unable to make himself heard in debate. He placed a cloth on the ground, which miraculously rose to form a mound from which he could speak. The mound in question is said to be the one on which the church was built.

The church has some intriguing early carved stones (photographs on Christopher Tolley's Crossing the Millennia site). In the centre of the village, Dafydd Davies maintains the traditional craft of carving walking-sticks and shepherds' crooks. We watched him at work when we were walking the pilgrimage route in 1998. Though it must have been obvious that we were not prospective customers, he still showed us what he was working on and brought out some finished showpieces for us to admire. There was one in the shape of a pair of trout with the gills all but moving; one carved as a sheepdog, intended as the prize at a sheepdog trial; and the photographs of a whole batch he had made for the Prince of Wales to give as presents the previous Christmas. His web site has an illustration of one of his walking-sticks.

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Llanddewi-brefi church and village

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